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Essential Functions of the Secondary Air Injection System

The secondary air injection pump is found in the engine system of a vehicle. It is always controlled by the engine control unit of your car. This system works well in petrol engine vehicles. It is very crucial when it comes to cold starting of your vehicle. This is because a petrol engine needs a lot of rich mixtures for your vehicle to have a successful cold starting. The secondary air injection system has proved to be the best methods used to reduce the emission of harmful substances when cold starting your vehicle. Below are some critical functions played by the secondary air injection system. You'll want to be familiar with secondary air injection info.

A secondary air injection system helps to reduce the harmful substances emitted during the cold starting. This is critical because the petrol engine vehicles require a rich mixture of air and fuel for them to have a successful cold starting. The fact is that the air-fuel mixture contains excess fuel. The result of this is a high quantity of and hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide which are released during the cold starting process. During this phase, the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor emissions control may not have reached the required operating temperature. The results of this are the emission of harmful gas, which always escapes into the environment. This may cause some living beings to suffer from the dangerous disease which is associated with these harmful gases. This may be the most likely case if these gases are not treated. Once you have an active and functioning secondary air injection system in your vehicle, you will have reduced the chances of emitting these harmful gases.

The secondary air injection system of your vehicle is always responsible for the proper functioning of the engine warning light. Therefore you may consider knowing the functioning ability of your secondary air injection system. By checking your engine light, you may be in a good position, to know if your secondary injection system has a problem or not. This is because the impacts of the air injection system always affect the engine. There checking on the warning light of your vehicle on the dashboard will help you to understand if you are secondary air injection system is properly functioning. You'll want to be familiar with secondary air injection options.

Last but not least, there will be an improved adoration of your vehicle as a result of a well-functioning secondary air injection system. This is because there is always a cross relationship between the speed of your vehicle and the air injection system. It is always as a result of proper combustion for the air and fuel in the engine. Do check out this check engine light relating to air injection:

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