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Benefits of Secondary Air Injection Systems

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Secondary air injection system is the vehicle’s emission control panel where fresh air is injected into the exhaust stream. This fresh air injected in the exhaust stream allow for proper combustion of exhaust gases. Today, there are many people who are installing secondary injection systems in their cars because o the numerous benefits it brings. The secondary air injection systems are of two categories; aspirated air injection and pumped air injection systems. Secondary air injection systems are fitted in a car to make it work more efficiently the way you want it to. If you have your car fitted with secondary air injection system, you stand to enjoy some of the benefits discussed in this article. Do check out toyota tundra secondary air injection system info.

Secondary air injection kits will reduce the amount of harmful substances that your car emits. When you fill your car tank with fuel, you must understand that your car cannot use all that fuel, and so will emit some through emission. These emissions contain harmful substances that when released into the air cause great pollution. However, with secondary air injection kits, the amount o harmful substances released into the air is greatly reduced. This reduction in emission comes because the secondary air injection system helps your vehicle to use more rather than let it escape through the exhaust system. You'll want to be familiar with tundra air injection pump info.

Another advantage of secondary air injection system is its ability to prevent the exhaust system of your car from being damaged. When the cold weather seasons like winter arrive, the water found in the exhaust system of your car will freeze resulting in damages to the exhaust system of your car. If your car has secondary air injection system, this water will be blown away from the exhaust system, preventing it from freezing in the system which otherwise will cause serious damage to the exhaust system.

By installing secondary air injection system in your car, you will be actually helping make the world a safe environment. If you are someone concerned about making the world a better place, you can install this system to limit the amount of harmful gases that your car is emitting, hence contributing to global warming. It also helps you comply with the current emission standards. If you have a secondary air injection system, any fault that occurs in this system can be used for safety because it manifests itself in the form of whistling sound during cold starting or oscillating speed. When these faults are detected, the vehicle can return to reduced performance which is an emergency operation. Secondary air injection system has several benefits or to enjoy in case you are still wondering whether to install it in your car. Here's what secondary air injection systems do: